Pineapple Petals Studio

Pineapple Petals Studio is a floral design studio that was founded by two individuals, Thuy and Nikki, that were drawn together by their love for nature. Based in Sacramento, California, the studio utilizes quality flowers from local and exotic flower farms alike in creating well-balanced mix of gardenesque arrangements that are eloquent, organic, and timeless.

What we do

We specialize in exquisite bridal bouquets that flow organically, which truly highlights the beauty of the individual flowers that are incorporated into the design. The floral ensemble that we create for our wedding clients are stunning but modest, complex but clean, simple but intriguing... Simply put, we strive to create floral designs that are appropriate for all occasions while adhering to our highest standards. Whether you are looking for floral services or floral designs for weddings, we are here for you!

Who we are


Thuy is an inspiration to all that she encounters. With background in architectural design and photography, her artistic creativity constantly generates multitude of elaborate, yet well thought out floral designs that are brilliant and original. Her innovative and detail-oriented creations strike resemblance to beautiful botanical gardens scattered throughout the world. Thuy strives to reflect her clients' visions when create unique and stunning floral masterpieces that are truly remarkable.



Nikki is a well-loved enthusiast for all things life. Her engineering background opened her eyes to the intricacies in the simplest of things. Her ability to intertwine infinite palette of colors, shapes, and patterns allows her to create floral designs that are timeless and classic but with the complexity that uniquely reflects her warmhearted passion for creativity. Nikki is a diligent hard worker who is dedicated to ensuring that her clients' dreams are brought into reality.